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Roasted Beets with Fennel & Tarragon

Beets love the liver. For mold they’re a winner. They assist with detoxification while nurturing the organs of detoxification. They’re high in iron, known as a blood builder, which helps with anemia. And they have a pleasing taste for even the pickiest eater.

This recipe was created in our kitchen as we smelled the spice jars to find the perfect flavor compadres to beets. Tarragon and dill won. While beets are the star of this recipe, tarragon makes it come alive. Tarragon is an antifungal kitchen herb. All the better for mold recovery.

If you’re new to beets, be aware that some people see red in urine and stool after eating beets – and that’s nothing to worry about.

Bon apetít!

Roasted Beets w Fennel Tarragon

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