umami? or ew-mold!

When you taste food, you can usually point out the sweet, salty, sour and bitter flavors.
But what is that other part?…that intangible yum that sets a dish apart?
It’s umami!
Umami, derived from Japanese, is the flavor we associate with savoriness.
And guess what adds umami?
Fungi! 🍄
Have you ever had a dinner out that you can remember to this day?
Probably was umami.
if you’re a Moldie, umami that was added from a fungi or fermented source can make you feel bad – even if it was 100% natural.
So what’s a Foodie Moldie to do?
Add seaweed! 🌊 🌱
Sea vegetables are a common food additive by food manufacturers. Food scientists have found that a little goes a long way.
And you don’t even have to eat the actual sea veggie if you don’t like that flavor.
Add it while cooking and remove before serving.
A handy trick to keep your palate saying