If it feels too hard,

I’m not a fan of “going for the Herx.”
Ever heard that?
Somehow, there’s been a pervasive message in holistic medicine that you want to “go for the Herx”, as if a Herx is proof that we’re on the right track.
What’s a “Herx”?
Technically, it’s a reaction to the rapid dying off of Lyme spirochetes when given antibiotics. But these days it’s being used loosely to describe any reaction to starting a new treatment.
While it’s not unusual to feel worse while you strive to feel better, it’s not necessary – and it shouldn’t last more than a few days.
If you’re having a reaction to a new treatment that is severe and lasting more than a few days, that’s your body telling you that it can’t handle it.
Trust yourself.
Be kind to your body.
And look for another path to get where you want to go.