Hey athlete!

One of the best ways to lower your VO2 max is to breathe moldy air.
True, there are SO many ways mold reduces aerobic capacity ~
πŸ”† mast cell reactions to spores causing allergic histamine responses
🏹 fragments lodging into the lungs causing a blockade of CO2 exchange for O2
πŸ’₯ chronic inflammation causing turbid blood flow
⬇️ reduction of heme – the oxygen carrying component of hemoglobin
πŸ’— inflammation of the heart muscle fibers
You’d think that would be enough to convince any athlete to run away from mold.
contrary to popular myth, your VO2 max is NOT a fixed quotient.
Mold can lower it!
By increasing inflammatory markers, such as interleukin-6, C-reactive protein, and fibrinogen, it can reduce VO2 max in asymptomatic men.
So athlete – the best running route is
away from mold!

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