Training Course For Medical Practitioners

Integrating the best of science and experience to provide effective treatment for PANDAS and PANS.

PANDAS & PANS: An Integrative Approach

Training Course For Medical Practitioners

with Dr. Jill Crista

Screen grab of PANDAS & PANS: An Integrative Approach

What You Get

  • Over 10 hours of professional continuing medical education (10 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ available)
  • Supported by over 300 peer-reviewed published references
  • Quizzes throughout to confirm and contribute to your overall learning
  • PDF of all slides
  • Medication-Supplement Compatibility Reference Chart
  • Patient handouts
  • Access for 1 year
  • Bonus lectures from Dr. Neil Nathan on Limbic/Vagal Dysfunction and the Cell Danger Response

What’s Covered

  • Symptoms
  • Mechanisms
  • Diagnostics
  • Conventional treatment approach
  • Integrative treatment approach
  • Recovery Essentials
  • Cases

Earn Continuing Medical Education Credits

AMA PRA Category 1 credits


Licensed Naturopathic Doctors

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians — 10 total; 7.5 general, 1.5 Pharmacy, 1.0 Ethics

For all other practitioner types, check with your licensing body to ensure these qualify as continuing education credits for your professional license.

Who’s This Course For?

All medical providers serving kids with PANDAS, PANS, or basal ganglia encephalitis.

Improve your clinical confidence.

“Dr. Crista never disappoints. It’s clear she does her research and has years of experience.”

Immediately Actionable Information

Get actionable information, clinical tools, and confidence in your next step.

A Useful Patient Resource

Dr. Jill’s book, A Light in the Dark for PANDAS & PANS, is a useful patient resource to save you time explaining these conditions in the clinic.

Get Invited to Case Mentorship Meetings

Stuck on a case? Eligible CME/CE course graduates are invited to periodic case mentorship meetings.

Commonly Misdiagnosed

The PANDAS Network estimates that 1 in 200 children are affected by PANDAS/PANS, and that it’s commonly misdiagnosed.

Learn how to address the contributing causes and apply integrative treatments.

Featured On

Better Health Guy Podcast, PANDAS and PANS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you talk about only herbal protocols or do you talk about medications?

Both! As a medically trained Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Jill’s approach to treating PANDAS and PANS is truly integrative. In the course, she covers the conventional treatments, natural treatments, and then how to safely and effectively integrate them. This is a comprehensive, evidence-informed course full of research, novel uses of medications, and powerful but safe treatment combinations.

Do you offer a refund if it’s not what I thought I was signing up for?

Yes, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, as long as not more than 25% of the course modules or handouts were viewed or downloaded. We’re happy to share our video view and download logs on request.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have one year from sign up to complete the course.

Can anyone take this course even if they aren’t a doctor?

Yes. Anyone is welcome to take the course to build their knowledge base. It’s intended for those that fit the definition of primary care provider; therefore, the content is at a level consistent with professional continuing medical education.

Continuing education certificates are only available to those who enroll in the CME/CE Credit option.

A Paradigm Change in Mental Health

PANDAS and PANS exemplify how a body problem can cause changes to the brain and its function. Medicine is still catching up to that reality. In the meantime, children are falling through the cracks and not getting appropriate treatment.

Help these kids who are falling through the cracks.


Learn new tools to manage complex chronic illnesses.

Indian ethnic female doctor physician gp wearing glasses, white coat stethoscope writing filling medical form watching online medical webinar seminar training working sitting with laptop at workplace.

Just completed the course and loved it. The course has been very valuable for us, as we see many patients with ASD, PANS/PANDAS and TBI. Mold is becoming more commonly co-morbid and we need to have an effective and concise approach to treatment, in light of the complexity of the other illnesses patients are already dealing with.

Happy and Smiling African American Male Doctor Wearing White Coat Working on Tablet Computer at His Office. Medical Health Care Professional Working with Test Results, Patient Treatment Planning.

This has been such a great course. I’m still going back and listening again and again as I have several people who are mold sick already in the practice. I can’t imagine navigating their treatment without Dr Jill’s course!

Elderly male doctor in white medical uniform.

A true ‘where to start and what to do’. Dr. Jill Crista has done an outstanding job of researching and compiling this excellent educational presentation.

Mold Questionnaire to Identify Potential Mold-Related Illness