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Moor Mud

Subject: Clean With Mud

Are you looking for a way to detox from mold in a relaxing way, without adding another supplement?

Did you know that you can clean the inside of your body through your skin by covering yourself with mud?

It’s true. Your skin is your largest organ of detoxification. Even though the liver gets all the press, you can enhance your skin’s natural ability to move out toxins—with mud.

Not just any mud will do, so don’t go grabbing your shovel.

What makes this mud special is:

  • where it comes from
  • that it’s never been dried
  • how it’s shipped
  • its healing properties

Dr. Jill imports this special mud from the Czech Republic, a region known for their pristine peat bogs and long tradition of mud (also known as peloid) therapies.

By keeping this mud wet, it retains its active healing properties, utilizing enzymes and beneficial flora.

“The mud has been incredible for restoring my body.”

Moor mud from this region is known to draw out toxins and give back nourishment through the skin. In this way, it’s an invigorating detox tool, rather than a depleting one.

If you are sensitive to supplements, this mud is a nice alternative. If you’re extra sensitive, start by soaking just your feet. It’s also safe for kids.

By sitting in this muddy water or slathering it on your skin, you’ll shorten your healing time by getting rid of mold toxins.

Get muddy to get clean.


Course - Practitioner #1:

Subject: Are You Missing Mold Illness In Your Practice?

Do you want to know how to get better treatment results in less time without burning out? Become mold literate.

What if I told you that mold is the hidden cause behind the majority of your treatment-resistant or difficult cases?

Mold and mycotoxins contribute to complex, chronic conditions. And I can promise you, you’re seeing mold patients in your practice right now.

I’m sure you have this patient - the one where you’ve tried everything with little to no change, that you think of during every CME training, where you keep digging to find the hidden piece of the puzzle.

  • Have you considered mold?
  • Can you recognize it?
  • Do you know what works?

This course saves you years of trial and error, and lost patients.

You may have heard that treating mold is hard. That’s because many are doing it without a map.

“This has been such a great course.
I’m still going back and listening again and again as I have several people
who are mold sick already in the practice
I can’t imagine navigating their treatment without Dr Jill’s course!”
Dr. Jarchow

Dr. Jill combines research-grade knowledge with years of clinical experience in this comprehensive 10-hour, online CME training.

To review the full curriculum, GO HERE. [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
Learn how to diagnose with ease, test with confidence, and treat successfully.

By taking this course, you’ll have faster, easier appointments with your complicated patients. You’ll no longer have to dread when that person’s name shows up on your schedule.

You became a doctor to help people. Burn out can happen when you don’t feel like you’re helping. Mold may be standing in the way between you and your patient’s success.

Feel more confident in managing resistant or difficult cases. Know what to do, when, and how.


*This course is open for licensed primary care providers.

Course - Practitioner #2:

Subject: How Are You Missing Mold?

I can promise you, you’re seeing mold patients in your practice right now.

Do you have this patient?
Treatment-resistant SIBO?
Unremitting fatigue?
Brain fog that will not lift?
Unrelenting migraines?
Persistent interstitial cystitis?

Have you considered mold?

Take Dr. Jill Crista’s continuing medical education course and become mold literate.

Mold treatment doesn’t have to be hard if you have a map.

“A true ‘where to start and what to do’. Dr. Jill Crista has done an outstanding job of researching and compiling this excellent educational presentation.”

Take this course to find mold when it’s the cause, so you’ll have faster, easier appointments with your complicated patients.

To review the full curriculum, GO HERE. [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

What you get:

  • 10 hours of professional continuing medical education (10 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™)
  • Supported by over 250 peer-reviewed published references
  • Licensed primary care practitioners earn Mold-Literate Certification
  • PDF of all slides
  • Signed copy of Dr. Jill’s book, Break The Mold (US & Canada)
  • Clinical questionnaire
  • Patient handouts
  • Dr. Jill’s personal clinical resource list
  • Bonus hour on building testing and remediation
  • Instant referrals

Learn how to diagnose with ease, test with confidence, and treat mold successfully.


*This course is open for licensed primary care providers.

Course - Public Mold

Subject: The Right Kind of Mold Guidance

Looking for the right kind of mold help when you need it, without the overwhelm?
Then Dr. Jill’s courses are for you.

Did you know that most people suffering from mold feel isolated and are not believed? This can make finding the right kind of help feel like finding a needle in a haystack - so many suggestions from so many sources.

Dr. Jill’s courses cut through the noise. They save you time searching and give you back control.

She gets to the point in an:

  • easy
  • understandable
  • short format
  • including handouts with everything covered

Finally feel taken seriously and get action steps, from someone who’s actually experienced the nightmare of mold toxicity.

“The practical tips on what to eat, supplements for support,
and nasal sprays were a lifesaver for me.”

Dr. Jill's compassionate, nonjudgmental approach brings calm and confidence in knowing the next thing to do. She shares her stories of success, helping you know that you aren’t alone, and others have gotten through this.

Stop wasting your time in endless online searches. By taking Dr. Jill’s courses, get guidance, support, and solutions in one place from an expert in the field.

Check out Dr. Jill’s courses NOW! [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

Dr. Jill's Custom Formulas

Subject: Finally Get Relief!

Are you too sensitive for mold or CIRS treatments, but need them?

Mold can do that. Mold can make your body over-react to food and medications, even if you need them.

Dr. Jill Crista understands. Many of her patients couldn’t tolerate them either. So she worked with Professional Formulas to invent cutting-edge formulas as a solution.

These innovative custom formulas are specifically crafted homeopathic preparations containing infantessimal amounts of the pharmaceutical drugs used in CIRS. Since they’re not the full-strength drug, they are much better tolerated while still having a similar action as the drug.

Dr. Jill’s custom formulas have brought much needed relief to mold-affected patients who can’t tolerate the CIRS treatments they need.

Experience relief from:

  • Leaky gut symptoms with Homeopathic MSH
  • Urinary frequency and dehydration with Homeopathic Vasopressin
  • POTS-like symptoms with Homeopathic VIP

It’s not the end of the road if you can’t take the recommended CIRS treatments. You have options.

Check out Dr. Jill’s Custom Formulations NOW! [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

*Many of these formulas are provider prescribed. Ask your doctor how to access them.