Mold-related illness needs a definition upgrade.

Take our courses accredited for CME credit.

Mold-related illness needs a definition upgrade.

Take our courses accredited for CME credit.

Dr. Jill is a leading expert at the forefront of mold-related illness diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Jill Crista's name

Dr. Jill is an acclaimed author, specializing in neuroinflammatory conditions such as mold sickness, PANDAS/PANS, and brain injury.

Dr. Jill is a Naturopathic Doctor, graduating from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine with honors.

Dr. Jill’s work is available for CME credit.

Our Courses

Our practitioner training course content outlines how to effectively test, diagnose and treat mold-related illness.

Updates in Mold-Related Illness CME

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Eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 creditsTM

Intensive Certification CME on Mold-Related Treatment

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Updates In Mold

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Learn new tools to test for, diagnose, and treat mold-related illness.

Indian ethnic female doctor physician gp wearing glasses, white coat stethoscope writing filling medical form watching online medical webinar seminar training working sitting with laptop at workplace.

Just completed the course and loved it. The course has been very valuable for us, as we see many patients with ASD, PANS/PANDAS and TBI. Mold is becoming more commonly co-morbid and we need to have an effective and concise approach to treatment, in light of the complexity of the other illnesses patients are already dealing with.

Happy and Smiling African American Male Doctor Wearing White Coat Working on Tablet Computer at His Office. Medical Health Care Professional Working with Test Results, Patient Treatment Planning.

This has been such a great course. I’m still going back and listening again and again as I have several people who are mold sick already in the practice. I can’t imagine navigating their treatment without Dr Jill’s course!

Elderly male doctor in white medical uniform.

A true ‘where to start and what to do’. Dr. Jill Crista has done an outstanding job of researching and compiling this excellent educational presentation.

Mold Questionnaire to Identify Potential Mold-Related Illness