Taurine is a binder???

Taurine is a binder? Kinda – it’s actually a bile reabsorption blocker – which has the same net effect as taking a binder.

The whole point of binders is to prevent reabsorption of bile in the colon (cuz we are really good at reabsorbing bile – that’s actually how we preserve our fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K.) 

Binders hold on to bile, while taurine just blocks the reabsorption doorway. Same effect!

Other beneficial aspects of taurine:

  • One of the core amino acids in bile
  • Builds the retina of the eye
  • Reduces inflammation within the brain
  • As an osmoregulator, helps to control water and salt concentrations in the body (helps with POTS!)

So if you don’t tolerate binders, talk with your doc about Taurine. It’s important to have your doctor’s guidance on whether a little added taurine in combination with other detox aids is right for you, or if you need a separate supplement.


Taurine is a binder? Kind of. It’s actually a blocker of bile reabsorption.

So it has the same net effect as using a binder. So if you don’t tolerate binders, consider using taurine.

Taurine is one of the amino acids that makes up our bile salts. It’s taurine and glycine bound up into the bio mycell, and that’s part of the thing that grabs mycotoxins.

It also is really important for building the retina of our eye. So if your visual health has been hit hard from mold, this may be helpful.

And it’s also an osmoregulator. Osmo meaning like the pressure in our blood that is based on the solutes inside our blood. So, you know, salts basically and water follows salt.

So if you’ve been having a lot of trouble with POTS or low blood pressure or um, getting dizzy when you stand up, taurine can help with that too.

It’s got so many different things that it helps with that are pretty particular to symptoms caused by mold. 

So you might get a little confused though, that some people are like, wait, why would they then put taurine into a binder formula? It’s because taurine is the part of, it’s the amino acid that we help make bile. So a little bit helps us induce making and moving more bile. But a lot of it, like in the 500-milligram range, can help block that bile reabsorption because the body sees that as like, oh well we have a lot of taurine we must not need to absorb so much bile and it’ll just block the absorption.

So if you’ve been struggling with finding a binder that works and you have some of those other symptoms, talk with your doc about taurine. It could be your way out of this mold thing. So you can conquer mold and take back your health.

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