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Air Filter Home Particle Test

With the forest fires increasing air quality issues, I’m getting a lot of requests for my recommendation for an air filter. 

So I thought I’d do a show-n-tell video with my own particle counter.

While there are some good bands out there, such as IQ Air, my favorite air filter for mold is Intellipure (also known as Healthway.) They’re filter maintains a zone of “biostasis” — not allowing mold to grow on the filter if/when the humidity goes above 50%.

If you’re in the market for an air filter and are interested in Intellipure/Healthway, save 10% by using the code DRJILL at checkout.

Take care!


With the wildfires smoke becoming a problem, the last thing mold sick people need is more particulate in the air.

Already there’s soaring rates of allergic rhinitis, asthma, and breathing problems in moldy buildings.

So I wanted to share what my favorite air filter was and why, and to show you that it’s my favorite because I have data. I don’t just rely on what the company is giving me, or anything like that. I test it myself. This is my particle counter. If you look close, there are 2 numbers here. The one on the left is small particles about 1 micron in size, and this is large particles about 5 microns in size.

So if we were to test what’s coming off of (and I did just vacuum) so you’re going to get hopefully clean carpet. If we rough up the carpet a little bit and hold the particle counter down. It has to be down by the particles. We’re seeing about 4000 small particles in my carpet…(laughs)…that’s her fault. But when we come up here — this is the part coming into the particle counter. We put it onto the air filter, we see it dropping, dropping, dropping…down to 60…down to ZERO. ZERO small particles, ZERO large particles. And large is 5 microns, so even that is not a large one.

This is why I love the Intellipure. There are other air filters that can do the same thing, probably only 2 more brands that I would trust. Not one out there that rhymes with “hair schmoctor” — they did not pass HEPA testing, and did not pass my particle testing. There are other filters that can do it, but for mold, this one zaps the filter, so the filter itself can’t become a petri dish to mold spores. So it’s trapping mold and mold spores, and if you have humid air above 50% humidity, that filter can become a petri dish and growing mold all on its own. 

That’s why I love the Intellipure.

And I also have a whole house air filter from Intellipure, this is the SuperV. That’s why I only needed the Compact in my office because that’s the room that had carpet. So the rest of the house is taken care of with the SuperV, and then the Compact is the right size for that single room. So if you have a whole house that you’re trying to take care of, a little Compact is not going to do it.

So check out my YouTube video where I talk about cubic feet and how to pick the right size and various things you need to think about —like how hard is it to maintain, how expensive are filters, etc. But again, for mold, this is really important because the filter is getting zapped so it won’t become a petri dish.

And then for extra mold protection, we have a dehumidifier right near the air handler. So any condensation that’s happening in the air handler is being dehumidified, so none of that air will take on humidity.

That’s it. Take care of yourselves guys.

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