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When to throw out the 80/20 rule?

With #Mold

Take it easy on yourself!

Did you know that even when conditions are perfect we docs don’t expect 100%? We expect “80/20”.

80% of the time you get it right, you’re on task, you’re winning.

20% of the time, you’re allowed to be off your game. No guilt. No shame.

However with mold, you need a little more margin of error.

80/20 —> 70/30

That means, we get it that you may only be able to adhere to “the plan” 70% of the time.

Okay. No biggie.

I understand that this may not be possible across the whole plan. Sometimes your body doesn’t allow for more leniency with diet or sleep.

My point is to look at the places where you are holding so rigidly to “the plan” that you are no longer listening to your body’s feedback.

Give yourself some room to play with “the plan” and figure out what works best for you. Only you know you.

There is no perfect with mold. This is only learning.


When do we have to throw out the 80/20 rule? With mold. 

We know as doctors, especially naturopathic doctors, functional medicine doctors, who give you these grand treatment plans. We think of everything that could help you with your situation. We know you’re only going to be able to do 80% of it. Eighty percent of the time you’re on your game, you can stick to the plan, and 20% of the time you’re not because you know, life. That’s just the way it happens. So no guilt, no shame. Twenty percent of the time you don’t do it perfectly. That’s okay.

But with mold we have to give you a little more leniency. A little more like 70/30. Because mold adds this whole other layer of exposure. You’ve got your living space. Maybe your job or your boss. You’ve got things to work out on the outside. And yeah mold brain and you’ve got fatigue and all these other things. So we get it. 

Now I’m just hearing you guys all say, yeah but, I can just hear it. Yeah but if I’m not perfect on my diet, I have mast cell problems. Or, if I’m not perfect with my sleep then I’m, you know, cashed for the next day. I totally get it. There are places that you have to hold to the plan. But there are places that you don’t. And if you are holding to something even at the cost of your own body because it’s on the plan and you’re not listening to your body, that’s not gonna work. 

So I’m giving you permission right now to take your treatment plan and find the things that work for you. Listen to your body. It will tell you. And you have permission to wiggle that and craft that and mold that plan into something that’s going to work for you. Because there is no “perfect” with mold, there is only learning. And that’s how you conquer mold and take back your health.

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