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Can You Combine Herbal And Prescription Antifungals?

Not only can you, studies are suggesting we probably should.

📖 In the Fight phase in my book, I recommend intranasal and whole-body antifungals to fight back the mold colonization. I mostly use herbs, but occasionally need to add a prescription antifungal.

One issue with using prescription antifungals is that the fungi are learning how to combat the drugs. This is called drug resistance.

🔎 I don’t tend to see this often because rather than ditching the herb for the drug, I keep certain herbs and add the drug.

By carefully selecting herbs that have been studied to be used safely in combination with drugs, we see reduced resistance to the drug.

😎 How cool!

One of those herbs is garlic. Garlic assists the drug by making the fungi more susceptible to the drug.

So while the fungi resist, garlic assists.

The dosing and timing is between you and your doctor, but I wanted to share this information in case you’re struggling with persistent fungal issues.

If your doctor wants to learn more about safe and effective antifungal drug-herb combining, I cover it in my CME medical training course for doctors called, Are You Missing Mold Illness In Your Patients?

Conquer that mold!


Can you combine herbs with drug antifungals?


And not only can you, you probably should.

Science is showing that by combining certain plants with antifungal pharmaceuticals you can actually reduce fungal resistance. Fungal resistance is when the fungus can combat that drug in some way. Kinda like snowflakes are bouncing off my coat here. My coat is resistant to the snow flakes. 

So yes you can combine certain plants so that it kinda opens the door and makes the fungus more exposed or vulnerable to the drug. So rather than if you’re taking herbal antifungals and they’re not really strong enough, rather than ditching it and taking a drug instead, the way I do it is I combine it with a pharmaceutical and the herb so that we get maximum antifungal protection. It’s beautiful.

One of those plants is garlic. So while fungus resists, garlic assists. It’s magical.

Yes you can combine them so you can break the mold and take back your health!

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