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Reacting To Vitamin D?

☀️ Do you have weird symptoms after taking Vitamin D? 

There may be a few reasons why.

First, if you’re allergic to 🐑, most Vitamin D is sourced from sheep lanolin. People with 🐑 allergy MUST get sun exposure to keep their D up.

Second, Vitamin D has an effect on our bodies to stimulate the building of structures, such as 🦴 and 🦷. In order to do this, it bumps up some helpful “construction” chemicals in the body – one of which is MMP-9.

Your doctor may be monitoring this marker to track your mold healing progress. As it turns out, mold can also bump up MMP-9 as it tries to make itself luxury condos in the biofilm. 👀 

As your MMP-9 goes up, symptoms go up.

As your MMP-9 goes down, symptoms go down.

Those symptoms can be varied and are often related to histamine intolerance.

So now you may be confused, why would we want to take Vitamin D when it makes MMP-9 go up?

Quick answer: the benefit outweighs the cost.

Would you rather have luxury mold condos or healthy teeth and bones???

My method is to co-administer things that reduce MMP-9 so people can tolerate their D dose. Things like DHA, Holy Basil, and Quercetin. We keep the doses small and first and work up.

My last little trick is to use emulsified forms of D, so it’s more absorbable for people with sluggish bile. Bile helps us absorb D normally, and mold gums that bile up.

Of course, the best way to get your D?



Hey, plopped down here in front of my garden. Outside all day in the sun. Thankfully now it’s clouding over. And it got me thinking about Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a little curious for mold sick people. Number one, it up regulates MMP-9. There’s a connection between your MMP-9 levels, meaning as they go up so too does mast cell type symptoms. As MMP-9 goes down so too do your mast cell symptoms. Vitamin D up-regulates MMP-9 which means that some people when they start taking Vitamin D they don’t feel so good. 

So you might have to and what I do a lot with my patients is I co-administer with Vitamin D things that control MMP-9 like DHA, which is fish oil, like Holy Basil, like Quercetin. Those are in my book for a reason. Because a lot of people sick from mold have trouble with histamine and this a great way to shut that reaction down. 

The other thing is if you happen to have a sheep allergy a lot of Vitamin D is synthesized from lanolin. 

So those could be two issues that are impeding your ability to take Vitamin D and you know co-administering is one way to do it.
But also GET OUTSIDE ! Can’t say it enough. So you can conquer mold, take back your health.

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