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Who’s Ready To Bust Biofilm?

Are you feeling it? The season is supporting biofilm busting.

🔎 Clues for when it’s time to add biofilm busters? When you stall or start to feel so good, you want to get off everything.

Before removing antifungal support, I first add biofilm busters as a test.

No reaction? Great news! That’s when we slowly remove antifungal support and watch for symptoms.

Reaction? It’s time to 💥BUST💥 SOME BIOFILM!


Who’s ready to break up some biofilm?

Apparently a lot of you guys. That seems to be the theme of the week right now. 

A perfect sign for my patients that it’s time to poke the bear and do some biofilm busters is that they start to get a little antsy about being on their antifungals. “Do I really have to do this sinus treatment? Do I really have to stay one these antifungals Dr. Jill?” 

They got progress and then there’s sort of a stall out. That’s when I know, especially in this season when people tend to in the warm, it’s easier to dissolve stuff when it’s warm. People tend to be outside more and they tend to have more sunshine, better nutrition. 

This is a great time to start poking the bear and see what lies underneath. If there’s a flare, I know my patients have longer to go. If there’s like meh it didn’t really do anything, then I know we’ve made so much progress that colonization is reducing, biofilm is reducing, and they have succeeded in breaking the mold and taking back their health.

So if you’re getting antsy, this might be a time to poke the bear.

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