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Don’t Forget Vitamin C

❔What’s one of the most commonly forgotten vitamins in mold treatment? 
Especially if you have histamine issues?
And that humans can’t make so they must eat it?

(Little hint – 🍊+ 🍋  were brought on long sea voyages to make sure people didn’t develop scurvy from missing this vitamin)

🌟  Vitamin C  🌟

Vitamin C is soooo critical in our diets. And mold causes us to plow through it. 

Vitamin C recharges other antioxidant nutrients, like Vitamin E and glutathione.
Vitamin C reduces histamine release from mast cells at doses over 6,000mg.
Vitamin C heals tissue, like skin, gums, and the lining of our blood vessels.
Vitamin C helps synthesize collagen.
Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron.

I’ve recently seen a rash of people displaying mild scurvy-like symptoms – and I said rash on purpose.

Symptoms of low vitamin C
🌶 Weakness
🌿 Easy bruising
🍅 Dry skin and rashes
🥬 Muscle cramps 
🥑 Aching bones and joints

Veggies have Vitamin C too!
Even though you may be reducing your fruit intake, you can still get enough vitamin C if you’re eating plenty of veggies. Just look at the pics above for clues.

In the next video, I’ll tell you about a little test you can do to see if you have enough C, so you can break the mold and take back your health.


Quiz time!

What vitamin is so important that they brought citrus fruits on ships to go across the ocean and prevent scurvy?

Vitamin C. Good job if you guessed it.

Vitamin C is so important and it doesn’t get talked about because it doesn’t have sex appeal. It’s just kind of a little too normal and common. But it’s very important. It recharges all the other antioxidants in our body. It stabilizes mast cells so it reduces histamine. And it’s purported that one day of one cold eats up 23,000mg of Vitamin C in one day. 

In those cases, sometimes you need to supplement. But of course you know I always say food first. But I’ve told you not to have fruit, or not too much fruit. So how are you going to do that? Veggies. Veggies are high in Vitamin C, too, like broccoli, like bell peppers, like parsley. You wouldn’t even believe how many veggies are high in Vitamin C.

So get your veggies, get your C so you can break the mold and take back your health!.

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