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When Spring Water Isn’t Enough

If you’ve made the switch to spring water and are still struggling with dehydration, frequent urination, or unstable blood pressure, don’t fret 😬 you aren’t alone.

Mold can really mess up your body’s ability to make a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). This hormone tells your kidneys how much water to withhold.

🧂 Sometimes adding a little sea salt to spring water helps. Sometimes adding electrolytes. Sometimes compression socks. But often these don’t get at the root cause
👉🏻 low ADH 👈🏻

Many mold-sick people feel better supplementing the hormone, which conventionally is done by prescribing a drug called vasopressin. But my sensitive patients often don’t tolerate the drug. So I worked with a company to make a homeopathic version. It’s a milder benefit per dose but without the side-effects.👊🏻

Dehydration needs to be taken care of so you can more easily break the mold, and take back your health.


Okay, so what if spring water isn’t enough?

Let’s say you’ve been made sick from mold and you’re one of those people who’s really dehydrated. Water just goes through you. You’re peeing all the time. You have blood pressure instability. And spring water just isn’t “cuttin it.” What do you do?

A lot of times I have my patients add sea salt, like Celtic sea salt, to their water to increase the mineral in their water so water will follow minerals. Some times compression socks can help. And also there’s a drug called Vasopressin which is a antidiuretic hormone mimicker. 

But a lot of my patients don’t tolerate that so I work with a company to make a homeopathic Vasopressin. So you can talk to your doctor about that. And that usually has to be repeated many times throughout the day. But it really helps stabilize blood pressure, not make you feel so thirsty and allow your, we can trick your brain into making that hormone by introducing it in its homeopathic way.

So this is one of the little hacks that I do for when mold sick people are really struggling with dehydration. So you can break the mold and take back your health!

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