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Why Spring Water with Mold?

With so many amazing designer waters available, what’s the deal with my obsession over spring water for mold?

💦 Getting your water right is important, and not all waters are right for all conditions. The ancients used many types of healing waters to treat various ailments. Ever heard of the fountain of youth?

Amounts of elements such as sulfur, magnesium, and potassium dictated which condition a therapeutic water helped. A lost healing art if you ask me. 🛁

On the scale of symptoms that are particularly impacted by which water you choose, mold ranks high.

Mold can reduce your body’s production and sensitivity to a hormone called ADH, or anti-diuretic hormone. This hormone determines the amount of water our kidneys keep or filter out to urinate. If this hormone isn’t optimized, water goes right through you, causing dehydration, frequent urination, and unstable blood pressure (especially on standing.)

One thing that slows down the pace is drinking water rich in “solutes”. The best solutes are those formed in their natural state from the water bubbling up and over rocks ~
🔅 mineral salts like silica
🔅 electrolytes like magnesium and potassium
🔅 elements like sulfur
And while it jostles along, it picks up extra energy – like ionized water from a waterfall.

The more filtered your water, the less it contains these helpful components.

Spring water stored in glass is the best. My patients also felt benefit from healthy well water that was stored in glass for 24-48 hours. Naturally alkaline water also won’t neutralize stomach acid, as can be seen with some manufactured alkaline waters.

So drink up buttercup! 💧 So you can conquer mold and take back your health.


Why spring water with mold sickness?

There are lots of waters out there that are great for other things. But when it comes to mold, I’ve found that spring water is the most effective.

When you’ve been affected by mold, it can affect your production of something called anti-diuretic hormone and it also affects your kidneys listening to that because the kidneys are like, “we got a lot of toxin to get out of here, we’re going to move more water out of the body.” So what happens is you can feel like the minute you drink water you end up peeing it out that same minute. 

I’ve found that spring water helps hold water better. Why? It’s full of things called solutes. Solutes are things that water is attracted to like magnesium, calcium salts, like sulfur. These are things that help the body hang onto water so the water has a chance to get into the cell and hydrate you and take the long track through the body. 

So drink spring water so you can conquer mold, take back your health!

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