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Mold Canary Super Power

Are you sick of being a “mold canary”? Does your gift for sniffing out mold feel like a curse?

If you’ve been sensitized to mold from a past mold exposure, you may now have a freakishly acute sense of smell, especially for moldy and musty buildings, stuff, and people. For real, moldy people!

Have you ever smelled or sensed mold when no one else could? If so, you have a super-power! 🏋🏽‍♂️🛡

Your super-power is to be able to tell when a building or car or furniture or clothing or mattress is bad for you – which means it’s bad for everyone. But they don’t know it, because they’re not reacting…yet.

As hard as it is, try to look at the curse of being mold-sensitive as a gift. By identifying places and things that are hosting mold, you’re protecting those around you! Way to go YOU! 🙌🏻


Hey! Are you sick of being a mold canary?

I get it. So am I. 

But you know what? Rather than beat yourself up for being sensitive, maybe look at it as a super power. 

You know, if you are reacting to an environment, that means there’s something wrong there. And if you’re the only one reacting, that means you are the super hero that’s going to help everybody else get out of that toxic environment. 

So you know, being sensitive while it can be a drag (believe me I know) — you can’t go into a big-box store, you can’t drive behind cars too close because of exhaust, you can’t use candles. I mean there’s lots of things. You can’t use the lotion your friend gave you for Christmas. It’s all these things. 

It’s a drag but it’s also your super power so you can help other people not end up in the place that you did. You can alarm when there’s a problem in a building. And that is the biggest gift you can be to the planet.

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