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Laughter Is Medicine!

When was the last time you really 😆 LAUGHED 😂 OUT 🤣 LOUD 🤪???

In my experience working with mold-sick patients, the difference between the people who truly conquer mold and those who just can’t seem to kick it (((other than Avoidance of course))) comes down to 3 key things they do every day:
✨ a spiritual or energetic practice
💃🏻 move their body every day
😁 they LAUGH!

Mold does something strange to our minds, by draping a cloud or fog over our thoughts and moods. Don’t let mold win! What makes you lol? Whatever it is, go find it, do it, watch it, embody it – so you can conquer mold, and take back your health!

Hey! When’s the last time you LOL’d?

I’m talkin for real laughter like you know belly laugh. Not one of those sly, you know, adult-like sarcastic laughs. I’m talkin real laughter.

Laughter is medicine. And in my experience working with my moldies, there are three things other than a supportive community, that’s very important, there are three things that they have in place that they do everyday that really move them from illness to wellness. 

One of those is a spiritual or energetic practice. It might be just gratefulness. Might be meditation. Might be whatever it is for you personally.

Second thing is they move their body everyday.

And the third, they laugh. And that might be playing with someone like this. Everyday she wants me to kick her ball. I mean laughter. It’s so important. It’s the best medicine. Laughter’s going to help you break the mold and take back your health.

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