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Why No Vinegar With Mold Sickness?

Vinegar is used successfully for “garden variety” Candida overgrowths. But with mold, the playing field is different. With mold exposure, the body is being invaded by all things fungus. And adding more fungal things can make you feel worse.

That’s why in the initial stages of mold treatment, I ask my patients to remove all things in the fungal and fermented family. You get these back once you feel better. (I promise!)

For a complete list of no-no foods and beverages, check out my book, Break The Mold.

Okay, why no vinegar in mold sickness?
Okay so vinegar is a wonderful thing if you have garden variety candida. Let’s say you’re put on an antibiotic and you have candida overgrowth, or you have kind of a crappy diet and eat a lot of sweets and you have a candida overgrowth.
Vinegar is great for that.
But when you have mold sickness, something has happened. There’s a message in your body that says that all things fungus want to move in and invade the body.
And when you add vinegar, it reinforces that message and it can make – at least in my clinical experience with my patients – can make them feel worse.
So in the initial stages, I take my patients off of things that are going to increase the fungal burden in the body – that includes vinegar.
And then you can bring that back later as you feel better.
So that’s why I say no vinegar.
I hope this makes sense and answers some questions.
And you can break the mold, take back your health, and get outside and eat fresh berries!

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