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“Good” EMFs, Exercise, and Mold

Did you know that we make “good” EMFs when we exercise?
Yep, body movement causes intrinsic EMFs (meaning derived from the inside.)

I gotta admit, this blew my mind when I found this little factoid while researching for my book.

Learning this connected the dots for why mold-sick people not only have fatigue from low mitochondrial function – but even when we’ve corrected that – they can still be EMF sensitive.

For my patients, getting outside and grounding in 🍃nature🌳 has been THE NUMERO UNO combat against EMF sensitivity and fatigue.

How much nature do you need? What if you’re stuck in the city? Well, one of my patients has a single tree by her city stoop in Milwaukee. She sits against it and connect for 20 minutes every day, rain or shine, early in the morning when the birds are loud and the city is quiet. And this single addition to her daily health routine has made a profound difference in her EMF sensitivity.

What might it be for you?
You need to find something, because staying sedentary is NOT an option with mold. It would love that too much.

Conquer mold, keep moving, and take back your health!

“Good” EMFs, Exercise, and Mold

Did you know that we make “good” EMFs when we exercise?

Yeah I didn’t either until I was researching for my book.

It kind of blew my mind because we hear about EMFs in the negative.

But exercise and movement actually boosts your good EMFs, your intracellular EMFs.

Now mold makes you sensitive to these EMFs. Why? Because then if it doesn’t feel good to
move, you’ll stay sedentary and then it can compost you.

So it’s very important to continue to move. And one of the best ways to conquer EMF sensitivity is not only getting away from mold but getting out in nature and grounding so you can keep moving.

Conquer mold and take back your health!

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