How To Remove A Tick

I’m posting this in honor of Lyme Disease Awareness month.

This good old-fashioned tweezer method reduces stress on the tick and therefore reduces how much of its stomach contents it regurgitates into you – which reduces infection rates.

Push into the skin with tweezers to get well underneath the head.
Slow, steady pressure.

It will back itself out – because it doesn’t want its head to pop off inside you either.

I recommend testing. Check out my video How To Submit A Tick For Testing for more information.

(thanks to my son Torin for donating his body for science!)


Get well under the head and then you pull gently and it will eventually back itself out. It has to inject some glue dissolver. Oop I took skin on that one. Sorry Torin. But I have a complete tick. And then you put it in your baggie with a little bit of moistened, where did he go, he keeps trying to crawl out, with a little bit of moistened paper towel and seal it up good so he can’t get anywhere. And send this in for testing.

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