Do you feel like your child has been stolen from you, possibly overnight?

Watching your child suffer from PANDAS or PANS can be a heart-wrenching experience, but the good news is, there is hope for your child.

As a mother of children affected by PANS and a seasoned clinician, Dr. Jill Crista created this playbook to support your family’s journey.

This book is an absolute must-read if you’re seeking to engage every aspect of care for your child, leaving no stone unturned. This invaluable book offers much-needed resources and support, moving beyond hope to mastering effective, practical things to do.

PANDAS and PANS happen when infectious and environmental triggers cause total body immune confusion, which in turn targets a child’s brain.

This results in changes to how the brain works, thinks, processes information, and feels.

In her easy-to-read style, Dr. Crista brings validity to how mental health and physical health are intertwined. She teaches you how to use this connection to your child’s benefit.

Trained in integrative medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Crista skillfully weaves higher force medical interventions with supportive natural medicine into a safe, comprehensive approach.

Book cover for A Light In The Dark

PANDAS and PANS exemplify how a physical body problem can express as behavioral and mental health changes.

What Experts Are Saying

“Dr. Jill Crista has provided an amazing book for parents that outlines many underlying problems in the gut, immune and metabolic systems in our children. And she is so right, PANS & PANDAS are clinical diagnoses, not lab test diagnoses. Listening to our patients, our families and uncovering the underlying infection, like GABHS, in PANDAS and mycoplasma and viruses as well as pesticides, mold and toxins in PANS, is so key to helping these children. Dr. Jill has included much needed information on effective herbal antimicrobials and nutraceuticals. She has written an easy-to-read, enjoyable book that parents need to help navigate many of the chronic illnesses and autoimmune issues that our children experience.”

Nancy O’Hara MD
Author of Demystifying PANS/PANDAS: A Functional Medicine Desktop Reference on Basal Ganglia Encephalitis

“The abrupt and dramatic nature of PANS/PANDAS often leaves parents and practitioners confused and unsure of what steps to take to help the beautiful and distressed child in front of them recover. In A Light in the Dark for PANDAS & PANS, Dr. Jill Crista shines the light of critical thinking and humor onto this much misunderstood topic. She includes the most up to date research and clinical experience to create the most comprehensive and actionable guide on this topic. She leaves nothing to chance, explaining everything in clear detail so you are able to understand what is going on and what steps need to be taken to get your child back. A true gem of hope and love.”

Tom Moorcroft, DO
Creator of Moorcroft Lyme Disease Practitioner Certification


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If you’re desperate for more understanding and guidance, this book is for you.