coming soon: dwarfed by concussion

Once upon a time in 2010 there was a healthy, vibrant young woman who loved her family and her practice of naturopathic medicine. One day, an evil spell befell her, called food poisoning, which caused her to drift off into an endless sleep – while she was standing. She fell from a very high place (because she’s tall) and landed on her face. No one knows how long she lay there in a dreamless sleep. When she awoke, she looked like a haggard old witch, with a broken nose, broken facial bones, and gruesome blood all over. Little did she know, she was cursed thereafter with a set of symptoms call post-concussion syndrome. And she was never to be the same vibrant young woman she once was.

Until one day, she got to know these symptoms, to make friends with them, and decided to name them so she could help each one. Thankfully, this woman was empowered with knowledge about science, nature, plants, spirit, and the human body. It turns out, she was a good witch. As she befriended each symptom, she was able to bring its personality out, understand what was wrong, and how to help each of the 7 dwarves of post-concussion syndrome residing within her:

Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Unhappy, Frumpy, Porky, and Tinkle

This fairy tale covers each dwarf in detail, and offers solutions to return to Prince or Princess charming again with the power of holistic medicine.

Post-concussion syndrome is just a spell – one that can be broken. You don’t have to live with it!