Join The Inspire Membership Community to See Yourself Healthy Again

Feel supported, get guidance, and learn solutions that work.

Want to feel like you did before you got sick, and ideally even better?
Do your health issues make you feel isolated or alone?
If so, we’re here to help!


The membership includes a private community forum to:

    • Get answers to your questions in our group Q&A sessions

    • Share ideas and information with each other

    • Get access to resources not found anywhere else


Dr. Jill sees your symptoms as your body’s unique “body language”, communicating its needs. She helps to translate what it’s saying.

Learn the keys to stay healthy, so you never end up here again.


3-month minimum


    • Connect with other members

    • Get support from people who share your experience

    • Dr. Jill actively participates and follows the group discussions

    • Join regular live community chats

    • The forum is held securely within our site

    • No need for a separate social media account


    • Live group Q&As twice per month

    • Ask any question! Priority is given to “body” questions over “building” questions since Dr. Jill’s expertise is medical in nature

    • Q&As are recorded and the ENTIRE multi-year library is available for replay

    • Q&A summary sheet for easy topic searches


    • Lab & product discussions

    • Fact sheets about specific mycotoxins, infections, and conditionsHerbal medicine making

    • Recipes with instructional videos

    • Searchable FAQs where Dr. Jill answers members’ most frequently asked questions

    • Lessons from building inspections and remediations


    • Guest interviews with experts in the field

    • Get a peek into Dr. Jill’s world

    • Dr. Jill’s faves – her bookshelf, tea collection, kitchen, and outdoor spaces

    • Exclusive access to videos with quick, helpful tips

    • Discounts on courses and products

Get answers, get inspired, get your health back.

(Providing group education. No personal medical advice is given.)


This is a safe place for you. No one here is going to tell you you’re crazy. We know chronic illness is real, because we’ve lived it – whether you’re dealing with mold, Lyme, chronic infection, or an autoimmune disease.

The intention of this membership is for people with chronic illness to find encouragement, information, and inspiration on their healing journey.

Members agree to abide by the Rules of Conduct to foster a welcoming and supportive environment.

This is NOT a place for practitioners. If you happen to be a practitioner who is struggling with a chronic illness, you’re welcome to join and participate as a supportive fellow member of the community. BUT self-promotion, diagnosing, treating, or approaching members for your own benefit is not allowed and may result in your removal from the membership.

You don’t need a social media account to participate. Our membership forum is private and kept securely within our site. We can talk freely about any topic on your mind.

Rules of Conduct


During the live group Q&As, members have the opportunity to ask Dr. Jill anything. Since Dr. Jill is an expert in bodies not buildings, she gives priority to topics in her area of expertise.

She weighs in on products, lab testing, and the latest research.

When she learns something new that she thinks would help you, she shares it.

We hope you’ll join us!


Q: Who is this membership for?
A: This membership is intended for members of the public affected by mold, Lyme, autoimmune disease and other health concerns that aren’t understood by conventional medicine. It is not for practitioners.

Q: What are the terms of membership?
A: All members agree to these Terms of Membership.

Q: What’s your cancellation policy?
A: Members can cancel at any time. No refunds are given for any unused portion of the month paid.

Q: If I join the membership, will Dr. Jill be my doctor?
A: No. This membership is all about community support and learning. All opportunities to interact with Dr. Jill are in a group setting. There are no one-on-one appointment opportunities or private messaging.