Air Quality Consultation

45-minute phone consultation where you can discuss your home’s specific air quality concerns.

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Martine Davis

Certified Building Biologist with the Building Biology Institute. She has held ACAC certifications as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIE), Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI), Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI), is IAC2 Mold Certified by InterNACHI, and was licensed by the state of Illinois as a Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor. 

Martine has inspected and tested more than 3,000 homes and buildings.

Her expertise includes indoor air quality inspections, mold and moisture investigations, water-damaged and sick buildings, odor investigation, and electro-pollution/electrical sensitivity.

Martine is Director of Instruction for the Mold & IAQ Board of Professional Ethics and author of the textbook “Advanced Indoor Air Quality Testing: A Manual for Professionals.”