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This is the ionizing air filter I describe in my book. I crave the air coming out of this machine, it’s so fresh! It pumps out ionized oxygen, which is different than ozone. No-no ozone! Ionized oxygen is regular O2 but with a generous little extra electron, and that means energy. This oxygen is easy to breath and absorb, especially for those of us who’s lungs got severely affected by mold.

I tested it with my particulate counter, and it’s true to the claim - absolutely ZERO particulate leaves the machine - including mycotoxins. Quarterly maintenance is very easy and only needs an annual filter change.


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seeking health

My colleague, Dr. Ben Lynch, is very careful about what he puts in his products. Dr. Lynch was a leader and innovator in genetic individualized medicine, also known as Clinical Nutrigenomics.

He was the first to teach me about methylation issues related to how people are made genetically. It was an eye-opener. THIS was why so many of my “stuck” patients were such canaries in the coal mine and sensitive to mold!

He wrote a groundbreaking book on how to clean those Dirty Genes, and I reference it often. Since he’s so well versed in the various genetic “snips”, his products are formulated with this in mind.

Seeking Health is one of only two liposomal glutathione products where I actually can feel the difference. And I’ve had great success using his histamine products for histamine-sensitive PANDAS/PANS peeps as well.

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mud bath detox

Torf spa moor mud

Who knew that a bath in dirty water would clean the inside of your body? These are the moor mud baths, or peloid therapies, I talk about in my book. A half hour in this mud bath saves your internal organs months of hard work trying to detox mold toxins.

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