Got Mold? How To Hack Mold Sickness

Dr. Jill Shares Her Secrets To Recovering From Mold Sickness That Everyone Should Know

In this engaging 15-minute video, Dr. Jill Crista shares what she did to protect herself and her family after their home sprouted with toxic mold. She goes in-depth into techniques that you can do yourself at home, including which foods to eat, which ones to avoid, herbs that can help, and more! A can’t miss course for those who are suffering from mold sickness.

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Hi, and thanks for checking out my courses on mold and mold-related illness. Mold is a tricky thing. It can affect your health even though you may not realize that mold is behind the proverbial curtain. I’m on a mission to increase awareness about the dangers of mold to human (and pet) health. I created these courses as an addition to my book, Break The Mold. A book doesn’t work for everyone. Some people learn better by video. Other people want to hear the info right from my mouth. If any of that is true for you, I hope you get what you’re looking for out of the courses – so you can conquer mold and take back your health.

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