Got Mold? Could You Be Sick From It? Find Out Now!

Learn What Mold Sickness Experts Know By Watching This Mini-Mold Course

Could you be sick from mold? Find out now. In about a half hour, become a mini-mold expert by learning how it makes you sick, and what symptoms it causes. Find out now if you or someone in your life might be suffering from mold sickness.

What To Expect

Take Charge of Your Health
Lots of Information
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Why You’re Taking This Class

Wondering If You Might Have Mold Sickness?

Ways To Learn More About Mold Sickness

Video Blogs #breakthemold
Course 1: FREE Mini-Mold Course
Course 2: FREE How To Hack Mold Sickness
Course 3: Remediation Fails You Need To Know About (in development)

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, and thanks for checking out my courses on mold and mold-related illness. Mold is a tricky thing. It can affect your health even though you may not realize that mold is behind the proverbial curtain. I’m on a mission to increase awareness about the dangers of mold to human (and pet) health. I created these courses as an addition to my book, Break The Mold. A book doesn’t work for everyone. Some people learn better by video. Other people want to hear the info right from my mouth. If any of that is true for you, I hope you get what you’re looking for out of the courses – so you can conquer mold and take back your health.

Course Details

My Story

Mold Doctor
What I Missed
I Became A Mold Victim
What I Did Wrong

Why Do We Need Mold Anyway?

Mold’s Purpose
Mold’s Favorite Food & Drink

How Mold Makes You Sick

Spores + Gases

Mold Symptoms

Detailed List By Body System

What To Do Next If You Have These Symptoms

Steps To Take Including Testing Dos & Don’ts Prevention Tips

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